Christians That Hold
God’s Word “Sacred.”

Trinity Season (Page 2)

The Trinity season extends from Pentecost to Advent. The color green is used to picture the Church as it matures and bears the fruits of the Spirit.

Trinity 6, 2019

II Samuel 16:5-14 Part I Imagine someone putting up a new building. The design is beautiful. It has spacious rooms that give an open feel. It has rich wood paneling lining those rooms. It has large windows to let in ample sunlight. It has a roofline that sets it apart from other buildings. Imagine at the same time that the builder wants…

Trinity 5, 2019

II Samuel 15:1-16 Part I In show called, Designated Survivor, the president and the first lady have a skeleton in the closet. They do not know if the president is the father of their 17 year old son or if the father is from a broken relationship the first lady had just before she met the president. Somehow, a journalist learned about…