Christians That Hold
God’s Word “Sacred.”

Sermons from August 2019

Trinity 10, 2019

I Kings 18:17-39 In 1980 at Lake Placid, New York, the United States Olympic hockey team had a showdown with the Soviet team. The Soviet team was made up of professional players and were heavy favorites. Team USA was made up of amateurs, college students. No one gave them a chance. Their coach was Herb Brooks. His first goal was to condition…

Trinity 7, 2019

I Kings 3:4-13 Part I In an hour, some of us will leave here and go to Red Sunset Park. We will gather under the pavilion, enjoying the fresh outdoor air. The children will run and play; adults will visit and play games. Children and adults might compete for the Bocci Ball trophy; others for the White Elephant gift. Some of us…