Christians That Hold
God’s Word “Sacred.”

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9/22/19 The Christian’s Cross Is Resolved in Christ’s Cross

Trinity 14, 2019 Job 1:5-22 Part I A preacher from the 4th century said the following: “If Satan should not be able by wealth to cast us out of [heaven], he comes by another way, the way of poverty.” In other words, if Satan cannot take our faith away in good times, he tries to take it away in bad times. That…

Trinity 13, 2019

II Kings 5:15c-27 Part I Have you ever been watching a movie when someone enters the room right in the middle of it? They sit down and join you. As the scenes continue to develop, they interrupt and ask: Why is that happening? Who is he or she? What did he or she mean by that? Today with all the streaming videos…